Sponsorships and Advertising

To find out more information about the following partnership opportunities, please contact Horizon Honors Executive Director Betsy Fera.

Your gift offers the unique chance to be permanently recognized on the Horizon Honors campus. You may also choose to honor a family member or friend through a naming opportunity. Naming privileges are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. 

In most cases, gifts may be made over a five-year period. All combinations of gifts, pledges, and irrevocable deferred gift arrangements are acceptable forms of philanthropy to support naming commitments. 

Rendering of Proposed Campus Project

$200,000 per floor
2 floors available
$100,000 per classroom
16 classrooms available
Specialty Classrooms
$100,000 per classroom
3 classrooms available: 
Art Classroom, Weight Room, Science Classroom & Lab(s)
$25,000 per bathroom
2 bathrooms available

Baseball and Softball Field Main Entrance
Softball & Baseball Field Main Entrance 

Naming rights to the main entrance of softball and baseball fields

Softball Third Base Line
Softball & Baseball Field Fencing

$500 per year
Advertisement place on the fence (8.5 x 4ft) going down 3rd baseline
Baseball and Softball Outfield
Softball Outfield

$1,000 per year
Advertisement placed along each side of Horizon Honors outfield sign (16 x 8ft)
Baseball and Softball Field
Softball & Baseball Scoreboard

$1,000 per year
Advertisement placed on swiveling scoreboard that will face both softball and baseball fields
Gym Courtyard Main Entrance
Gym Courtyard (Entrance)

$2,000 per year
Left: Advertisement on wall (20ft in length) 

$1,000 per year
Right: Advertisement on wall (10ft in length)
Gym Courtyard
Gym Courtyard (Outer Wall)

$2,000 per year
Advertisement placed on wall in courtyard (20ft in length) with access to potentially advertise on future surrounding picnic tables
Gym with Scoreboard
Gym Scoreboards (2)

$2,500 per year pledges received quarterly
Advertisement placed on highly visible scoreboards

Gym Lobby
Gym Lobby

$2,000 per year
Left: Ad placed in hallway (18 ft)

$1,000 per year
Center: Ad above trophy case (10.5 ft x 5.5 ft)

$1,500 per year
Right: Ad placed to right of trophy case (10.5 ft)
Gym Lobby Concession Stand Area
Gym Lobby

$750 per year
Left: Ad to left side of concession stand (4.5 ft)

$500 per year
Center: Ad between concession and door (3.5 ft)

$1,000 per year

Right: Ad placed to right of concession area (7 ft)
Gym Lobby Bathroom Entrance
Gym Lobby Bathroom Area

$500 per year
Advertisement placed on the wall between fountains and bathroom doors (3.5 feet in length)
Elementary School Entrance
Elementary Entrance

5 per term pledges received quarterly

Advertisement placed on digital Smart Boards in highly trafficked area, available:
 Aug - Nov, Dec - Feb, March - May

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