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The Time is NOW.
Posted on 11/06/2019
Rendering of Proposed Campus Project

Thank you to everyone who participated in our first ever Family Fitness Festival last Friday. Over 400 community members enjoyed a great, fun-filled afternoon at Pecos Park!

A very special thank you to the Community Building Committee for coordinating the event and to the families who generously donated the funds for the bounce houses.

The parents who were instrumental in pulling this event off were:
Erin Masing
Janelle Kappes
Dianelle Amin
Emily Geist
Alicyn Freeman

We had 3 families contribute financially to donate the bounce houses.  They were:
Geist family
Schenk family
Freeman family

The Horizon Honors Capital Campaign is in full swing! We need every community member to support this important project to renovate and expand classrooms, as well as add a proper performing arts center and an additional gymnasium for both P.E. and athletics.

For the future success of our students, this project is not a “want,” it is a “MUST.”


The time is NOW.


Please visit the Capital Campaign website and make your pledge today.

Rendering of Proposed Campus Project

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