Caught in the Classroom

Caught in the Classroom
Posted on 05/30/2023
Elementary Spanish Class Group PhotoIn Mr. Henderson's Horizon Honors High School College Math Foundations class, students finished a unit on expected value and probability. Their 4th quarter project was to design their own casino game. They had to calculate the probability and expected payouts. 

From Mr. Henderson: "I played their games and got DESTROYED. These kids are borderline criminals!"

The house always wins, Mr. Henderson! 
College Math Foundations Students

College Math Foundations Student

Horizon Honors High School Spanish 5-6 and 7-8/AP classes had an amazing time celebrating their mid-AP tests with a fiesta to remember!
The students took on the challenge of making their very own mouthwatering homemade tortillas. They also crafted adorable mini piñatas!
Secondary School Spanish Students

Secondary School Spanish Students

Horizon Honors Secondary School Digital Art students are currently studying photography!
They are working in groups to create lightboxes to prepare for their projects on product photography. Their first challenge is to analyze the instructions and the many tasks required to create these boxes.Through discussion, students identify their individual strengths and assign roles. When they are ready, they gather their supplies and they're off!
They will use these boxes to study and manipulate light, angle, and form to best photograph the products they bring in.
Digital Art students with boxes

The Horizon Honors Grades 3-4 Spanish classes are diving into the world of La Ropa (Clothing) this quarter!
They recently created "paper people" and strutted down the red carpet runway at a class Desfile de Moda (Fashion Show)! They confidently introduced their characters and described their outfits, all in Spanish!
Grades 3-4 Spanish class

Kindergarten students at Horizon Honors Elementary School are taking a hands-on approach to learning about how birds survive in their environment. This week, they built nests in and around small trees to explore bird's nesting behaviors.
Kindergarten Student gardening
Kindergarten Student gardening

Mrs. Banks-Conyers' 2nd Grade Math Class participated in an “Escape Room!”
Mrs. Kowalski came in to help and students were split into two groups - Pirates and Superheroes. These smaller groups were able to their Mighty Math Brains to solve a variety of challenges within a 60-minute time period.
2nd Grade Math Class Group Photo
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