The Horizon Honors Difference

At Horizon Honors Schools, we believe in the transformative power of educators to create a safe, supportive learning environment and a classroom culture of positivity and respect. It's in this nurturing, small-school atmosphere that students are challenged and empowered to become leaders and pursue their dreams.

We understand that every student is unique, with their own strengths, passions, and goals. With a focus on gifted education for all learners, we take academics to the next level with curriculum and hands-on experiences that engage and inspire. We also provide multiple opportunities both inside and outside the classroom for students to thrive, embracing critical and creative thinking.

At Horizon Honors Schools, we prepare students for a successful future and inspire them to leverage their knowledge and skills to create a better world.

Horizon Honors provides “a gifted education program for all students.”

The focus on student needs, instructional organizational patterns, and classroom strategies reflect those often reserved for only gifted students in the traditional setting. 

The curriculum is robust and relevant to the real world, evidence-based, aligned with college and career expectations, and includes rigorous content and skills reflecting the knowledge that young people need for success. 


Horizon Honors students consistently achieve above their peers at local, state, and national levels. Both schools are graded "A" by the AZ Department of Education and win state and national awards. With a focus on the whole child, students receive a well-balanced education for lifelong success.

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